Christmas 2012

Last night I wrote up a post and tried to put it up on the site.  Then it was gone.  Do you have any idea how frustrating that is?  All that work and then ‘poof’ it is just gone.  I wanted to cry.  Instead, I shut the computer off and went to do something else.

Monday was Christmas Eve and also Cassie’s 12th birthday. Every year on her birthday she wakes up and crawls in my bed.  I pull her close to me and sing Happy Birthday to her.  She cuddles in and smiles as she soaks up the Cassie/mommy time.  During this time we are only in our own little world.  We talk about when she was littler.  I tell her stories from her childhood and things that she did and said.  We giggle and just enjoy each other.  I sing “I can’t help falling in love with you” to her.  I’ve sang this song to her since she was a wee baby and have also sang it before she has gone into each of her surgeries.  It calms her and is her song.

After our cuddle time we get up and ready to head to breakfast.  Family meet us out and Cassie gets her traditional snow globe gift from my mom.  After breakfast we move onto celebrating Christmas and doing Christmas stuff.  Once the holidays are past, in mid January, we will have a birthday party for Cassie and she can have her own day that she doesn’t have to share with a holiday.


My brother and sister-in-law are in town and are actually here through New Year’s day.  They actually surprised us by coming a day earlier than we expected.  Tuesday at 1:00 in the morning my phone rang and it was my brother FaceTiming me.  I couldn’t imagine what was wrong that he would be contacting me at that time of the day.  We talked for a could minutes before he told me that he wanted to show me his Christmas gift.  This is where he showed that he was with my dad.

I felt all emotional and all I could say is, “You’re here!!”  After that sleeping was close to impossible.  We decided that the next morning he would come for the time that the girls would get up for Santa gifts.  As we were getting ready to open gifts there was a knock on the door.  The girls were beyond confused until I opened the door and they saw Tony.  They yelled “UNCLE TONY!” and ran to him.  I don’t think he could have gotten a better welcome.

Almost everyday we’ve spent time with them trying to enjoy them as much as possible before they head back to Missouri.  The day that they head back is going to be very hard and I’m sure there will be tears shed.  It amazes me how much closer I feel to my brother now that he doesn’t live here in town.  I guess that distance does make the heart grow fonder.

Christmas this year has been more then I could have expected and I feel very blessed to have all of my family with me.

How was your Christmas?  Were you able to be with your family and enjoy it together?

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