We’re still alive

I’m beginning to get the itch to write again and to post on here.  Whether it’ll become a regular thing again or not remains to be unseen.

After taking a long hiatus I feel like I have things to share and to say.  Cassie is now done with her first year of Middle School and is officially a 7th grader.  Kalli is moving into 4th grade this coming year.  I’m not sure where the time went and how it is that my kids are so old when, obviously, I’m still so young.  Or at least I don’t remember getting older…

We are in the midst of our first month of Summer Break and are staying busy.  Last summer sort of sucked.  Cassie was restricted as to what she could do from her surgery so we pretty much laid around staring at each other.  The summers before that though we had a weekly schedule that we stuck to and we’ve now gone back to what worked best for us.

Monday: Girls are on their own for entertaining themselves.  They should be able to figure out some things to do…right?  For the most part this means that Cassie goes up to her room to read magazines and such while listening to music.  Kalli wanders around finding little things to do.  This summer Cassie and I are also volunteering at the library for 2 hours each Monday.  Cassie works at the “Summer Reading Program” table and I help out in another area.  It’s nice to get Cassie into volunteering and from what she is saying so far she really likes it.  I like it because she is being forced to interact with people some and talk to strangers…which isn’t in her normal comfort zone.

Tuesday: I watch my buddy Brady on Tuesdays.  It is also library day.  We head to the library to check out books, check in with where each of the kiddos are at for their reading programs, and meet up with Becky.  Then we all head over to a local park where we enjoy a picnic lunch that I pack.  Kalli and Brady run to play, Cassie reads a book, and Becky and I get a chance to chat some.

Wednesday: Outing day.  The girls and I leave the house to GO somewhere.  Weather is a factor in this, of course, and most of the time we decide where we are going to go the day before.  So far we’ve done Bay Beach Amusement Park and Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.  Sometimes our outings are actual places but other times it is simply going to one of the local trails to take a nice long walk.

Thursday: Artsy/Crafty Day.  I come up with some kind of craft/experiment/project for us to do together.  This summer’s big projects will be each of the girls (and one of their friends) working on their own scrapbooks and also working on making a quilt of their own.

Friday: On their own for entertainment.  This Friday both of the girls headed over to my parents’ house to hang out there.  My mom and dad are much more entertaining than I am, I guess. As soon as I get the pool put up at my parents’ house, and the water warms appropriately, I’m sure we will go swimming many Friday afternoons.

It’s not a whole lot, but it does keep us busy during the week.  I don’t really hear ‘I’m bored’ much at all and this year I have a system in place to combat against it all together.  If I hear that dreaded phrase I pull out a little set of index cards that I have created.  On these cards are written different things for the girls to draw from.  There is no peeking at the cards!  Most of them are little tasks that they must do.  These include….wipe down all kitchen counter fronts, clean out mom’s van, and other “chores”.  There is also a couple cards that tell them to do an extra worksheet from their Bridging the Summer workbooks.  I did throw in a few cards that let them pick a game to play with me of their choice and others along that line.  This way it isn’t always something on the negative side, however it is a gamble they take when they utter that dreaded phrase.

So far (a mere 2 weeks in) things are going splendidly.  Everyone is happy and no one has thrown anything at another person.  I’m considering it a win.

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