I’m not a fan of Winter.  The cold, the dreariness, and the short days are hard to deal with when you have depression.  And depression is hard to manage when it is cold, dreary, and the days are so short.  Don’t get me wrong… I do see the beauty in fresh fallen snow and the sunny, warmer days are quite nice.  I’m just saying that Winter is hard.

Now let’s look at the fact that it is a complete pain for Cassie.  It’s icy and floors are wet making it impossible for Cassie to use her crutches.  We go through a lot of salt here at home to keep the walkway and driveway free of ice so that Cassie is able to get to the garage…where her wheelchair and the car are.  There is also the fact that pushing a wheelchair through snow drifts is close to impossible.

Winter is not my favorite season.  However, Fall is one of my favorites.  I’m working very hard not to look at Fall as a sign that Winter is on its way but instead as a time that is beautiful and that I can enjoy.  This past week I’ve acted on enjoying things.

This past Tuesday I brought my buddy, Brady, on our 3rd annual apple picking trip.  We picked apples, got a pumpkin, and chose a caramel apple to share.

DSC_0011I know he looks thrilled…right?  I took this picture right as he turned to look at me so that I didn’t get a tongue stuck out in the picture. 🙂

DSC_0015Carrying his bag of apples


Today I headed to Baird’s Creek with Kalli to search for leaves.  She loves collecting leaves in the Fall and it was a good chance for us to get in some Mommy/Daughter time.  We walked along talking and searching for all different shapes and colors of leaves.  I brought my camera along to get a couple pictures of our walk.


DSC_0022My girl…she is so strong!

imageAll the leaves that Kalli collected today.

Kalli has already asked to go back down to Baird’s Creek to hike on the unpaved trails with Andy and I.  Maybe the 3 of us could start hiking like Andy and I use to before Cassie was born.  It could be something that we could do with Kalli to help her stay active and have some time with us.  I know Andy and I could use the extra activity too.

For now, I”ll keep trying to enjoy Fall and thinking positive thoughts.

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