Enjoying Fall

Look!  3 days in a row.  I know, I know…you are shocked! (So am I)

I’m prepping for November and NaBloPoMo.  Or at least I’m trying to prep.  NaBloPoMo is a challenge in which I will attempt to make it 30 days posting in a row.  This year I’m going to have a partner in crime to help me get through it too.  My friend and cousin, Chandra from Chan Chan’s Crochet, is going to try to post everyday for the 30 days with me.  We will keep each other on track and harass as needed.


We’ve been having some gorgeous Fall weather around here.  Being able to have the windows open and getting outside to enjoy the cooler temps has been absolutely wonderful.  Of course, with the cooler weather also comes evenings on the couch curled up with my electric blanket.  That is…when the dog isn’t trying to hog the blanket.  She thinks that the electric blanket is for her and she is constantly climbing under it.  She also has figured out how to step on the control to turn the blanket on and will then curl up on it by herself and bury her nose in the warmth.  Needless to say, I think I should get a bigger blanket.

While outside enjoying the weather earlier this evening, we were working some with Kalli riding her bike.  She isn’t big on learning to ride, but I think not only will it help her balance, but she will also someday enjoy being able to ride with Andy and to friends’ houses.  I was running along with her holding onto the back of her seat one of the times up and down the road when  suddenly she seemed to really have her balance.  I let go and low and behold she was on her own for a little bit.  I continued to stay right along side and kept my arms right there in case she were to start to fall, but she rode for a good 7 feet or so.

She wasn’t able to do a repeat performance but we will continue to try.  Once that happens…there WILL be a video for all to see!

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