Busy Little Bees

New banner is up!  It doesn’t have the name of the site or anything, but I was having trouble with getting fonts that I want.  Darn upgrades that change things that I use to know.  I figure…it no longer says ‘Summer 2012’.  The new one is better then nothing.


Today I spent almost my entire evening out in the garage cleaning.  It looks so much better then it did, but I still have quite a bit to go through and organize.

Anyone that had seen the garage before tonight knows how horrible it was.  Camping stuff not put away, garden equipment out, some rummage sale stuff off shelves, boxes to be broken down, sweeping to be done, etc.  Let’s just say that had it stayed that way, I wouldn’t be able to get my vehicle in there before the snow flies.

I got motivated though.  And now, if needed, I could fit my car in there.  Like I said, I still have some more stuff to do but it is a good start.


Tonight Kalli had a meeting after school for safety patrol.  She stuck around school even though it didn’t start right away and then Andy went to pick her up at 4:15.  She then came home, ate a little something, and was off to softball.  Once home she had to eat and do homework before bedtime.  Needless to say the girl had a full day.

She is now trying to get on her school’s ‘Spirit Committee’.  This is a group of students that are involved in organizing events and trying to keep pride strong.  I’m so proud that she wants to be part of something so wonderful.  She told me that she only has 2 years to make a difference in her school before she moves on to middle school and that she plans on getting involved with activities at that point too.  She is making me a proud Momma!

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