My Busy Little Beaver

Kalli has become a little social butterfly.  It seems like every week she has had an invite over to a friend’s house for a little play date after school.  She is also participating in Safety Patrol at school and trying to be on the school’s Spirit Committee.

I love the fact that she wants to be involved in things, but holy wow!

For example…Tuesday she had a meeting after school for Safety Patrol that lasted until 4:15.  Then she came home and ate quick before she had to be at the ball field for her final softball game at 5:00.  She finished there and came home to do her homework before heading to bed.

Tonight it was homework, supper, and Girl Scouts.  Not every night is like this, but I forsee it being how things will be as Kalli continues to grow.

Kalli is my go-getter.  She wants to be part of things, she enjoys attention, and she is very social.  Even as a very young child she would be the one that would walk up to any other child at the park and introduce herself and start playing with them.

Cassie is more reserved.  More introverted.  That isn’t to say that Cassie doesn’t get involved in things.  She is part of a couple clubs at school and goes to all the dances and such.  She just does it in her own way.  She just isn’t as outgoing as her sister.

Kalli is going to keep Andy and I extremely busy…that much is for sure.

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One Response to My Busy Little Beaver

  1. busy, busy busy! How fun for you 😉

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