My Strong Chick

One week from today Cassie will be having her second revision on one of the surgical sites from May 2012.  We’ve been having consistent problems with it and we are going to try once again to fix it.  Without going into too much detail, it ends up that Cassie is a really good healer and in this case…it is a bad thing.

While she isn’t looking forward to the surgery itself, she is excited to see her doctor and his nurse.  She is quite a fan of them and the Children’s Hospital.  She says it is because they treat her so good and make her feel comfortable.  Mind you, these are because it is a hospital for children but I still love the fact that she feels comfortable there.  Or as comfortable as one can feel going for surgeries and such.

Her surgery will be an outpatient one and we will be headed home as soon as she is awake enough and keeping liquids down.  If this revision is anything like the other one was, Cassie will be back at school the very next day and no one will ever know that she had a surgery what-so-ever.

Not only is a good healer, but she is one strong chick too!


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