Fall is in the Air

It is officially Fall.  And not because the calendar says so.  It’s Fall because I’ve started breaking out in hives.  In my family, Fall and Spring are marked by my hives.  Sure I don’t match up exactly with what the calendar considers Fall, but without fail I break out at, what we consider, the beginning of those two seasons.

We’ve been working hard to enjoy the cooler weather, the colors, and the falling leaves.

We have been taking some walks, raking and playing in the leaves, and this morning we went apple and pumpkin picking with Andy’s family.

image_2From apple picking this morning.  Gosh, I love those girlios!

I’ve even been sharing the fall fun with Brady.  We raked a pile of leaves, brought out the little trampoline, and he bounced his way into the leaf pile over and over.

image_1Up, up, and away!

imageAnd down we go

So far I’m really loving Fall.  I’m trying to soak up and enjoy this gorgeous season. Ya know…before the dreaded Winter sets in. 🙂

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