Let’s Go on an Adventure!!

This is what my brother calls out while the girls and I are FaceTiming with him on the IPad.   He will then rush around his home showing us just his face and a little bit of the background.  When he stops we have to try to guess where in the house he is.  The girlies love it.

Today we don’t have my brother taking us on an adventure, but instead Cassie and I are down in Milwaukee for a revision surgery.  Fortunately, my friend, Sara, was able to make the journey with us and is keeping me company while we wait the 2 hours that they told me it would be for her to be out of surgery.

Two hours.  I had thought it would be a quick surgery like her first revision was.  A quick 30-45 minute surgery.  They must be trying something more involved this time.  Hopefully it fixes the issue that we’ve been having.

I’m a little concerned though as everyone that we have talked to has referenced to the fact that she will be staying overnight.  From what I was expecting…and thought I was told (though now I’m really second guessing myself) we were going home today yet.  If she ends up having to stay overnight I will be running myself home to drop off Sara and to pack up a few things.  Maybe it all depends on how involved things get.  At this point all I can do is wait and see.  It is out of my hands and I just do what is best for my baby girl.

She was nervous going in to surgery.  Teary, despite the anxiety meds, and looking unsure.  I tried my best to reassure her and kept reminding her to take deep breaths and relax the best she could.  It helped some.  I think.  I hope…


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One Response to Let’s Go on an Adventure!!

  1. Alicia says:

    Love that game idea!

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