The Adventure Continued

I know that everyone is wondering what the outcome of Cassie’s surgery.

When I left off yesterday I was unsure if Cassie was going to be going home because of things that had been said leading up to the surgery itself.

Once my girlie was out of surgery she did her time in recovery and we were able to head back home.  I was relieved to say the least.  I wasn’t looking forward to the possibility of having to drive the 2-2.5 hours home just to turn around and go back to Milwaukee.

The surgery took a little less then 2 hours and went very well.  The doctor is encouraged by how it went and thinks that this fix will be the last fix.  I’m really hoping because, as I’m sure anyone can guess, surgeries are never easy for anyone involved.

The one curve ball that was thrown in with this go-round was that Cassie is home and out of school until Thursday.  With her first revision she went back to school the very next day, but this time things are more involved and her wound is bigger.  She isn’t hurting or even sore which is wonderful but it makes it hard to see why she can’t be in school.  I know she needs the healing time though and that the doctor knows what he is talking about.  I’m not willing to risk her not healing properly.  We will call this extra bonding time.

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One Response to The Adventure Continued

  1. I’m glad things went well! 🙂 Praying for a swift recovery! 🙂 🙂

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