Badges of Honor

Thursday was Cassie’s first day back to school since her revision surgery on Monday. She was excited to see her friends but not so happy about the school part. I know it has some to do with all the work she has to make up in her classes. All of her teachers know that she had surgery, though, and are going to work with her to get caught up. She has a good group of teachers.

Yesterday we were able to take Cassie’s bandage off and look at her wound. So far it looks nice, clean, and like it is healing very well. I’m hoping we can avoid what usually ends up happening. Usually the stitches dissolve before things are healed totally and the wound opens up some. I’m sure this is in part because she moves around so much and it pulls at the wound.  In the past this has ended up leading to infections that we then have to care for and scars that look worse then they normally would have.

All of Cassie’s surgeries have left her body with a lot of scars. I tell Cassie these are badges of honor. Battles that she has had to fight and endure. Each of her scars tells a story of her life and shows how strong she is. That being said, she is still somewhat subconscious of them.  I can’t blame her really.  After all, she is just about a teenage girl and being subconscious of yourself goes with that territory.


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