A Night Without Kids

Tonight the kids are at my parents’ house, Andy is playing XBox with his brother, and I’m doing odds and ends.  Where odds and ends equals baking and looking on Pinterest.

As I’ve mentioned before, Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  It’s the cooler weather, the beginning of hot chocolate weather, pumpkins and apples, and the fall colors that get me.

Right now I have 3 pumpkin pies in the oven and am looking for apple recipes.  After all, I have two bags of apples in the garage to use up.  A family can only eat so many raw apples.  I’m pretty sure there is a written rule somewhere that states something to the effect that when you have a certain number of apples, you must bake some into something good.  Really I’m looking at just baking up some apples with a little brown sugar, oats, and butter.  Not tonight, of course, but maybe one night this next week for dessert.

Maybe I could even get Kalli to eat some.  Darn picky kids.


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2 Responses to A Night Without Kids

  1. I like that rule! New Bronander rule: when there is an abundance of anything yummy something delicious must be baked!

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