NaBloPoMo – Day 2

It is day 2 and I’m still batting 100.  Go Me!

This morning at 1:45 I received a FaceTime (sorta like Skype for iPhones) from my brother.  I couldn’t imagine why he would be calling me at 1:45 in the morning, but nevertheless a call at that time of the morning wakes you up pretty quickly.

I squinted at the bright light that was the screen of my phone and saw my brother’s face.  (I really miss that face.)  After trying to make small talk with me (small talk at 1:45 in the morning?!?!  Really?) I find out that he is at my parent’s house.  Right here…in town!!  For anyone that doesn’t know, my brother moved to Missouri a couple years ago and I rarely get to see him now.  I was so happy to know he was here.  Even though it is just for the weekend, I will take it.

This morning we headed to my parent’s house and I find Cassie sitting on the floor talking with my brother and at one point she leans over and hugs him.  It is easy to see I’m not the only one that misses him.  We miss both him and my sister-in-law.  She wasn’t able to come because of work and such, but I’ll have to send a hug back for her through my brother.

Today I ran some errands with him and we talked about when we are going to go down to see them.  I’d love to go soon, but I think we will wait until after winter.  It was wonderful to have some time for the two of us to visit and hang out.

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