NaBloPoMo – Day 4

You know what I love about NaBloPoMo?  The fact that I don’t have to come up with titles for my ramblings of the day.  While from time to time a title creates itself, a title can be quite hard to come up with.  However, during NaBloPoMo I’m able to just name it by what day my ramblings fill.  Easy Peesy!


Cassie has always been a source of entertainment for Andy and I.  Things that she says and does can leave us giggling, if not cracking up.  When she was younger two of her sayings were, “Mere” which meant “come here” and “Osmost” with meant “almost”.  She liked to hide things.  Fortunatly,k we knew most of her hiding places well.  There was one night though that we ended up waking her up late because she had hidden my brother’s keys and we couldn’t find them anywhere.  What a stinker.

Tonight Cassie was upstairs in her room when she decided to come down by us.  Because of her leg braces it is easiest for her to slide down the stairs on her butt and she does this most of the time.  (She calls it efficient, I call it lazy.  It’s a battle that I’m willing to let slide…for now.)  Andy and I are on the couch and we hear the bump bump bump of her sliding down the stairs and then as she hits the bottom of the stairs we hear “whaddup?”  Andy and I looked over at her and lost it.  We laughed and told Cassie how much we love her and the things she says.  Just all nonchalant and everything.  What am I going to do with that young lady of mine?

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