NaBloPoMo – Day 6

Do you ever feel like your life becomes routine?  Everyday is pretty much the same as the day before and things seem somewhat ho-hum.  I feel like this from time to time and recently has been one of those times.  Until today.

Today Becky and her husband dropped off Brady bright and early for me to watch while they go away for several days.  As you can imagine, life with an almost 4 year old is a little different then life with just a 9 and almost 13 year old.  My little man has energy…and likes to be read to (A LOT – which I already knew)…and likes having full attention.  Ya know, he is a typical 4 year old.

He is going to keep me busy and I may crash after he leaves early next week, but I do know that I will enjoy my time with Brady.  We are already talking about making cookies tomorrow and I have a few other ideas of things to do over the next several days.  I may even post about things that we do…especially if I am struggling for what to post about that day. 😉  All that I know is that my life won’t be hum-drum for a while.

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