NaBloPoMo – Day 9

It’s Fall in Wisconsin and the weather has been very cool.  We’ve had a couple good hard frosts so allergies should be done.  Right?  Wrong.

Every Fall and Spring I suffer from allergies more then other times of the year.  I break out in hives, have some sinus issues, and overall feel sorta icky.  And this they are my favorite seasons….go figure.  Spring allergies I can understand.  Everything is blooming and growing.  Pollen everywhere.  Fall, however, I don’t get.  We’ve had good freezes, things are dying, pollen levels are non-existent, and still…I itch and sneeze.  I can’t quite figure this one out.  And trust me, I’ve been trying for years.  Is it the fact that the cold makes me more reactive to something in the house?  Is there a few pollen spores left floating out there and they just come for me?  Is my body just bringing back BPAP? (Body Parts Against Paula)

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned BPAP!  Mostly because it’s been summer and my body seems to have had signed a treaty with itself to get along for the time being.  Now that it is getting cold out I’m starting to ache some and joints are complaining more.  It’s the same as every year but I do feel the need to point it out.  That way everyone knows just how old I’ve gotten.  Or at least how old I feel.  🙂

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