NaBloPoMo – Day 10

I’m 1/3 way done with NaBloPoMo and I’m still batting 100.   I’m hoping that I can keep it up but I have to admit that it is getting real hard to come up with material to write about.  Soon I’ll be just typing up random words in hopes that it’ll pass for a post and keep everyone entertained.  Not that my usual posts are that entertaining.  I’m just a lowly stay at home mom.  My life isn’t exactly flashy.

Tonight was my last night with Brady staying with us.  Tomorrow morning Becky and Brian will come pick him up and for a while, things will seem too quiet.  Tonight, before bed, Kalli was chasing him around.  They were both laughing and squealing.  While I’ll admit that it was quite loud, it was wonderful to see.  My girls adore Brady and he seems to like them too.  When I told Cassie that it was Brady’s last night here, she stuck out her bottom lip and said no.  I hate to tell her, but after five nights away I’m pretty sure Becky and Brian are probably looking very forward to getting their little boy back.  We are all going to miss him though.  As much as I found out that an almost 4 year old is more tiring then a 9 and almost 13 year old, it was fun to have a littler one around and to see the girls interacting so much with him.

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