NaBloPoMo – Day 12

Tonight I’m struggling with what to post about so I’m going to leave you with a video.  This is a video that when I saw it the first time I stared, mouth gaping, wondering what on Earth these people were thinking when they created it. (Or…what were these people on at the time)  I hope you find it just as…..entertaining??

I did find out that this video and song was made as a stunt.  The people were trying to make the silliest video with the highest budget.  They did a good job.  This all said, I’d like to add that bits of this song get stuck in my head from time to time.  I will then look at one of the girls or Andy and say, “What does the Fox Say??”

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One Response to NaBloPoMo – Day 12

  1. Becky says:

    ask B sometime what the fox say…he’s got a whole “bit” he does 🙂

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