NaBloPoMo – Day 15

The girls and I have been working on their Christmas Lists.  It was so easy when they were younger.  They wanted dolls or small toys and such.  Now they aren’t even sure what it is that they want.

I’ve spent time with each of them looking over Amazon and discussing the different things that they are interested in.  We have a list of games that they like (mainly Kalli – she is my game player).  Gift cards are high on Cassie’s list.  She has become more picky and is at that age where she doesn’t really play with toys.  Even she has a hard time coming up with things and the things she does come up with are more expensive.  Kalli is somewhere between wanting toys and more tween things.  She is having a little better time coming up with some things, but I wouldn’t say that it is easy for her either.

Growing up is such a hard thing.

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