NaBloPoMo – Day 16

Tonight we are spending the night at my parents to watch their puppies (Mickey and Minnie) while my parents are out of town.  Spending the night here is nothing new to the girls since they are here almost every weekend.  Zoe (our puppy), however, is a little weirded out.  She keeps looking at us like she is ready to go home and is not understanding why it is that we are not getting her subtle hint of staring at us.  Staring at us is how she tells us when she has to go outside, when she is hungry, and when she is ready to go to bed.  Do you have any idea how unnerving it is to have a dog stare at you?  It is like she can tell time at night.  She will jump down off the couch by us, sit down facing us, and just stare.  It is as if she is trying to send us messages via telepathy.

In fact, she is staring at me right now, trying to tell me that it is after 9:00pm.  She has somehow decided that 9:00 is her bedtime.  Most of the time, if we aren’t ready to go to bed, we will just ignore her until she gives up and lays back down.  After all, we are the humans in this relationship.  I am tired tonight though so I’m going to give in to her telepathy and head to bed.  With all 3 dogs in tow.

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