NaBloPoMo – Day 18

This week Kalli’s school is having a book fair and it has Kalli all excited.  She loves book fairs and book order forms normally, but the librarian at her school did a book talk about 5 of the books that will be at the book fair and this has her over the moon.  At this point she wants 3 of the 5 books that were talked about.

Normally when we go to a book fair I let each of the girls get one book.  When I told Kalli this she decided that Cassie could get one of the books that Kalli wanted and then they could share both of the books.  Sounds good in theory…until you look over at Cassie’s face.  Cassie looked completely confused because she wasn’t paying attention to the conversation until she heard her name.  I reminded Kalli about the one book per child rule and then said we’d look around at the fair when we are there on Wednesday.  I’ll let you know how that one turns out.


Ladies and gentlemen, Can I please have your attention?

It has now been 9 weeks since I last had soda!

Yes, I am proud of this fact.  Yes, I will keep telling you week to week.  Yes, if I could I would buy a light up sign with a flashing arrow to announce this fact to the world.  In fact, I wonder if I could make a huge sign for when the satellite goes by for Google Earth.

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