NaBloPoMo – Day 19

Today I had my buddy, Brady, for the day.  Because the weather wasn’t too cold, I brought him down to Baird’s Creek for a nice walk and to see the creek.  While down there he found part of a branch that had fallen that was shaped like a ‘V’.  He decided that he would use it to “capture” me as I was obviously a bad guy.  Brady then found a shorter stick which he hooked on the ‘V’ shaped branch and used to guide me by.

All was going well until he decided that it would be fun to let the ‘V’ shaped branch go and tell me to run away so he could try to catch me.  Run?  I think someone needs to inform my little Brady buddy that “Auntie” Paula is overweight, old, and out of shape.  I played along by jogging along, relieved that he isn’t a Drill Sargent yelling for me to move faster and to keep those knees up.  Luckily he still has short legs.  I’m in trouble once he gets bigger…

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