NaBloPoMo – Day 20

This morning Kalli and I headed to school early so that we could check out the Book Fair before our conference with her teacher.  We ended up getting 3 books.  One that Kalli had wanted, one for us to read aloud all together, and one that Kalli is going to give Cassie for Christmas.  It is more then one per child, but it’ll be good to have a nice discussion book for me to read to the girls.

After picking out our books we headed to her classroom for our Parent/Teacher Conference.  Kalli is doing very well and the teacher seems to dig my girlie.  This is no surprise to me.  She is a very diggable kid.  Did I ever tell you about her second grade teacher?  She called Kalli her “Little Ray of Sunshine”.  Kalli would even use that phrase when talking about herself for a while… “I’m a little ray of sunshine.”  She wasn’t gloating or anything either.  Just so matter-of-factly sure of herself.

Once school started I headed to the library where I worked the book fair for the morning.  Let me just say a couple of things: I think that every kid came down to buy books this morning (I had a solid line going for pretty much an entire hour.), some kids don’t understand simple math (I had a couple kids, that weren’t real young, come up multiple times to buy books that they didn’t have enough money for IE $6 to buy $28 worth of books), and some parents trust their kids with way too much money (mind you this is in my opinion….but I had one child who came through with a fifty dollar bill!!)  It was a crazy morning but it made the day fly by.

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