NaBloPoMo – Day 21

I use to get headaches pretty much daily.  From high school through after I had Kalli, I dealt with headaches.  They would be there but I’d push though.  I felt like I was popping pain meds all day long some days.  Then slowly I started seeing streaks of light through my vision, the edges started getting fuzzy, and, after visiting the eye doctor, I found out I was losing vision.  My optic nerve was swollen from pressure in my brain.  VERY long story short, I ended up having to have a VP Shunt put into my brain to drain excess fluid away.  I woke from surgery and the first things I noticed was that my vision was back to normal and my headaches were gone.

Not having a headache constantly was a feeling that I can’t even explain.  It was wonderful.  Of course, life happens and from time to time headaches happen.  The headaches I get now seem so much worse then my old headaches.  I don’t know if it is that I am not used to the pain anymore or if they are indeed worse.

Today things were going along like usual until this afternoon when a headache set in.  I took some ibuprofen but it did close to nothing to aide in the discomfort.  I actually spent some time laying on the couch with my head under my heated blanket, in the dark and pressing the heat to the spots that were hurting the worst.  It helped, but I couldn’t just stay under there like I would have liked to.  (Funny tidbit: While I was laying on couch with my head under blanket, Cassie came into living room.  She never even questioned what I was doing or thought anything of it.  That is how crazy this household is, I guess.  No one questions odd things like this.)

My headache has dulled some now, but I have to admit that I’m very looking forward to going to lay down in bed in the dark to rest.  Bed, Sweet Bed!

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