NaBloPoMo – Day 23

It’s November in Wisconsin.  This means that it is starting to get quite cool out.  Actually, scratch that….it’s getting cold out.  Tonight it is suppose to get down to 7 degrees and that is without the wind chill.  Brrr…

I’ve lived in Wisconsin my whole life and people keep trying to tell me I should be use to it, but you know what?  I’m not.  I just can’t get use to freezing my butt off.  Sure, I could move but it is hard to find somewhere that meets all my requirements.  Besides I’m not a fan of change and it seems to much easier to stay where I’m comfortable.  So instead I just complain some about the cold and snow.  It’s how I choose to deal with it.  🙂

Just because I live in Wisconsin, and always have, doesn’t mean that I have to like the weather.

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