NaBloPoMo – Day 26

At 5:00 I was woken up by my Kalli girl saying “Momma, I think I’m going to throw up”.  You know…as a parent, there is nothing that wakes you up quite as quick as that phrase.  I was wide awake and in the bathroom with her, holding her hair back, and she got sick.  My poor girlie.  She laid in bed with me after, letting the fan blow at her to help nausea.  We cuddled for a bit before heading to the bathroom again.  Needless to say school was out for the day.

We spent the day cuddling and laying low willing her to feel better.  Some time around 2:00 she stated that she was a little hungry.  We started off with plain crackers and stayed pretty bland for the remainder of the day.  By this evening she was even more back to herself, but stayed close by for cuddles as needed.  I’m hoping that tonight is uneventful and she gets some good sleep.  Either way, she is off from school tomorrow for a teacher work day so she will have another recovery day before Thanksgiving.

We have plans for tomorrow to assemble our Christmas tree, make granola bars, and play games so hopefully she is feeling up to it.  I’m looking forward to our day together while Cassie is off at school.

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