NaBloPoMo – Day 28

Early Tuesday morning Kalli awoke with a stomach bug.  Twelve hours later she was back to her normal self.

Wednesday night Cassie came home from my mom’s because she wasn’t feeling well.  It seemed that she had the same stomach bug.  By morning she was completely better and ready to go.

While Cassie slept on my floor last night, I started not feeling very well.  I tossed and turned while I tried to deny that I had what the girls had passed down to me.  While I was ever-so-cleverly ignoring what I knew what was going on, Andy woke up and headed to the bathroom.  He had it too!

I felt the walls closing in around me.  It was coming for me.  I could feel its warm breath on the back of my neck as I alternated ‘I’m cold and need all the covers on’ and ‘I’m too warm and want nothing to do with these covers’.  As the bug’s icy fingers wrapped themselves around me, I gave in to the fact that I was sick too.  <<insert thriller movie type scream here>>

I spent the remainder of the night unable to get comfortable, unable to get any sleep, and making trips to the bathroom.  Needless to say, today may be Thanksgiving, but we didn’t partake in any meal (we’re hoping to have our meal tomorrow) and the main thing I am thankful for today is the fact that we have two bathrooms.

By noon Andy was back to his happy self.  I remained on the couch waiting for the 12-hour mark to hit.  Once it came and went, I sat up and….still felt icky.  I thought maybe I needed to get something on my stomach.  I forced myself to chew and swallow a little cereal, waited a while, and I felt worse then before I ate.

What on Earth?? My body obviously didn’t get the memo that it was a 12 hour bug!  At this point, I’m trying not to glare at my family who are feeling better and really hoping for more sleep tonight.


Only 2 more days left until the end of NaBloPoMo!!!  Not that I’m counting down or anything.


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