NaBloPoMo – Day 30

Cue the music, ready the confetti, and hit the lights.  We’ve made it people!!

Here we are at the end of November, day 30, and NaBloPoMo is coming to an end.  For anyone just joining in…NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) is held during the month of November and is a challenge to post every day for the entire month.  Putting it down in writing like that makes it seem pretty easy, but I personally find it to be difficult.

Coming up with material is always an issue for me.  Especially as the girls have gotten older.  I want for them to have a little more privacy and they don’t all the cute and adorable things that younger kids do.  Gone are the days of “she said the darndest thing”.  Now I have to work to come up with stuff to write about.


Tomorrow we are putting up our Christmas decorations.  Out tree has been up for a few days now, but we haven’t been able to get around to decorating it or putting up any other decorations.  I’m looking forward to putting on some Christmas music and getting into our Christmas bins.  Of course, along with that we also have a lot of cleaning up to do.  With being at my parents’ house for the holiday and also being sick, things have gotten out of control.

I’ll try to post a picture tomorrow of our tree but don’t be surprised if I go AWOL for a couple days.  This chick needs a little break from posting nightly.

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