Disney – Full Day #3

Early this morning at 2am Cassie was awake again with pain in her back.  I did some of my magic massage and she was able to get some more sleep.  At 6am she woke again and was definitely not doing well.  She seems to have a stomach bug.  We skipped our morning of activities so that she could lay nice and low and get some rest.

Around 11 we headed out because we had lunch reservations at Epcot.  We ate at Via Napoli which is located in the Italy section of the World Showcase. Delizioso! (That is Italian for delicious)  The waiters there are all Italian as well…I don’t know what it is about Italians, but they make everything seem like a celebration.


Here is the dessert that I had…Coppa Brutti Ma Buoni.  It was an Amarena cherry & vanilla gelato sundae.  It was a little piece of heaven. Yum!

IMG_2768Coppa Brutti Ma Buoni – Dessert at Via Napoli

After lunch we made our way to the Japan area and went to do a little shopping.  The girls knew that there would be Pokemon stuff there and were determined to get there. (I don’t understand the whole Pokemon thing, but they love it)  While in Japan, the girls did the “Pick a Pearl”.  For this you get to pick an oyster from the tanks and the cast members open it for you…right in front of you.  Both Cassie and Kalli had oysters with pearls that were 7mm in size.  When we go back to Epcot later this week we are going to look at getting the pearls put into a setting and I’m considering possibly getting one for myself.

DSC_0060Cassie and Kalli’s pearls

While passing through the United Kingdom, we had to take the photo-op of posing with the telephone box.  Would have been so much cooler if it was a blue police box though.  🙂

DSC_0047After Epcot we came back to the room and rested for a couple hours before heading to Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  We were able to trick or treat some, watch a show with many of the movie villains, and see the Halloween parade.  It was an absolute blast.  By the end of the parade our feet were sore and Kalli was sitting on Cassie’s lap in the wheelchair.  We decided to look through some of the shops on Main Street while the major part of the crowd cleared out.

Now the kids are sleeping and Andy and I are showered and just about ready for bed too.  Cassie seems to be doing better tonight, but we will see what overnight brings.  I’m hoping she has finally shaken this bug so that she can enjoy the rest of our vacation.  It’s horrible to be at Disney World, the happiest place in the world, and be miserable. (She actually was asking to go home at one point)  We are all crossing our fingers!!

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