Disney – Full Day #4

This morning we woke up to my alarm and none of us wanted to get out of bed.  Kalli threw the blankets up over her head, Cassie rolled over and moaned, and I wanted to postpone the time that we were going to head out.

Fortunately, Cassie had slept through the night and woke up feeling a lot better.  She is still having a little tummy trouble but overall is much better.  She was actually able to enjoy our day.

Magic Kingdom was our destination and we arrived before opening so that we could see the performance that they put on before they let everyone in.  The girls were very excited when the park’s train pulled up and had many of the main characters in it.  We waved and clapped to the music.  Then as everyone made their way into the park, we followed.

First we went to see Tinker Bell.  Getting autographs and pictures with the characters is important, ya know.



DSC_0065Cassie and Kalli with Tinker Bell

We rode some rides, tried the Dole Whips that everyone talks about (I liked them a lot…but then again I love ice cream and the like), and made our way around.  Then, just as a parade was going to start, it started pouring.  And it poured throughout the entire parade.  Luckily, Andy and I had invested in better ponchos and we had them all with us.  I have to give all the Disney staff/cast credit…they danced, sang, and smiled throughout the entire downpour.  As soon as the parade was finished, so was the rain.

After the parade, we headed to dinner at Ohana which is located in the Polynesian Resort.  Their food is very good and their dessert…mouth watering. Pineapple Bread Pudding with Banana Foster Sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  We visited Ohana the last time we were in Disney (3 years ago) and their dessert is the main reason we went back again.  I can’t say enough about that bread pudding.

Moving on… Even though it was on the early side, we decided to head back to our resort so that the kids could work on some of their homework that they have with them, shower, and we could get rest.  It seems that Andy, Kalli, and I are all wimps.  Our feet and legs are hurting so much each day.  I now have a blister on the bottom of one of my feet where my arch support ends.  This is making walking more interesting.  Most nights I have to take Ibuprofen so that my legs stop aching enough for me to sleep.  Getting old sucks!  I just wish we’d get use to all the walking already but instead it seems that each day we start hurting earlier.  It’s a bit confusing.

Tomorrow we head to Animal Kingdom for part of the day and then to Downtown Disney for the end of the day.  I can’t wait to get to Downtown Disney and do a little shopping!

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