Disney – Full Day #5

This morning was a good one for me.  I was able to sleep in an extra hour since Animal Kingdom didn’t open until a little later.

Animal Kingdom, for whatever reason, isn’t our favorite park.  This time ’round we went to see Finding Nemo – The Musical and everyone really enjoyed it.  Having Cassie in the wheelchair and both my parents using scooters make getting through crowds a little difficult.  Because of this we have learned to just sit tight after a show until pretty much everyone else clears out.  It’s just easier to move and to stick together.  Besides, we are in no hurry.

That is one thing I’ve really been enjoying this trip.  We aren’t in any huge rush.  We have reservations for our sit down meals and a few Fast Passes scheduled, but everything else is just as we go.  We’ve even skipped a Fast Past already because we weren’t in that area and were doing other things.  We’ve been letting the girls really be part of the planning as well.  They pick out things that they would like to do each day and we try to accomplish as much as we can.

Today we had lunch reservations at Yak and Yeti.  It is an Asian type restaurant, but also some non-Asian foods as well.  Andy had a burger with Gouda cheese and Shiitake mushrooms on it.  He said that it is the best burger he has ever had.  I had the Maple Tamarind Chicken which was a seared chicken breast with an Indonesian tamarind glaze with coconut-ginger rice, baby bok choy, and shiitake mushroom stir-fry.  One word to describe it…Amazing!

IMG_2798Maple Tamarind Chicken from Yak and Yeti

For dessert I had grilled pineapple that was skewered with fried wontons.  The wontons were stuffed with a cream cheese mixture.  I forgot to take a picture because I felt the need to dig in immediately.  Oops!  Sometimes a plate shows up and you just can’t take time to take a picture.

While we were eating, it started raining outside.  We went outside and found that my parent’s scooters were wet.  Wet bottoms ensued.

We decided to head to Downtown Disney to do some shopping.  We ended up moving from shop to shop trying to dodge raindrops.  After grabbing some supper we headed back to the resort so that the girls could get some more homework done.  Kalli had asked her teacher for homework ahead of time so she could get some done before going back to school.  Cassie was given the assignment of keeping a photo journal for her Language class.  She has been choosing photos from the pictures I take each day and started a document on Google Drive so that she can also access it at school.  I’ve been editing for her and making sure she expands on some things.  One day she only wrote one sentence.  I told her that I didn’t think that would fly with her teacher.  Cassie didn’t look pleased with me, but she elaborated and in the end it met my standards.

Tomorrow we head back to Epcot.  We have reservations for breakfast and supper and the girls have a list of things that they would like to do.  Hopefully the day allows for all their plans.


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