Disney – Full Day #6

Things I need to share:

1.) When in Florida, 20% chance of rain means it will pour all day while 64% means that you won’t even see clouds.  They are very confused here.
2.) No one mentions this in the ‘packing’ articles, but bring a pedometer.  It is fun to see how far you go.  It is also a good way to understand why your body hurts so much.  In 6 days we’ve walked 40 miles.  This does not include going through airport or any walking around the resort itself that we’ve done.
3.) Be sure to pack pain medicine.  For everyone.  It’s expensive to get while here and after walking on cement day after day, you’ll need it.  My hips, low back, knees, calves, and feet all hurt.  Kalli’s calves and feet hurt.  And Andy…well he hurting too.  We remembered ours, but I want to give this ever important tip.  Remember. The. Pain. Medicine.

Today we were at Epcot.  We got there at 8:30 and waited for them to open at 9.  We had breakfast reservations at Akershus for 9:45 so we headed back towards the World Showcase and Norway, where it is located.  It was a princess breakfast so we were able to meet and get pictures with Belle, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, and Cinderella.  Not only were the girls very happy with the experience, but the food was very good as well.


We spent our afternoon wondering around from place to place, stopping from time to time to rest and cool down.  We visited the Character Spot where we saw Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy.  Pictures of those will be posted when I’m back home and have the pictures that were taken by the PhotoPass people.

Tonight we had dinner at Tepan Edo which is a hibachi grill located in the Japan part of the World Showcase.  We’ve never eaten at a hibachi grill before, but we all loved it.  The girls giggled and we really enjoyed the show that accompanied our food.  Andy had swordfish and I tried some too.  It was very good!

We have someone who helps us plan our vacation….last time and this time.  She knows all the ins and outs of Disney.  She gives us tips and schedules all our meals for us.  And we love it.  We would never have tried most of the places she has sent us.  We are more adventurous this way and the food is part of what we end up remembering the most about our trips.  Don’t get me wrong…we talk about the experiences a lot, but we still talk about the food that we had when we went to Disney 3 years ago.  And I know that these meals will also stick out in our memory.

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