Disney – Full Day #8

We had scheduled ourselves for Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney today.  Plans change though.  Plans change when one child is up with back pain again and at 4am you are up massaging her back until it calms enouch for her to sleep again.  Plans also change when you wake up in the morning and everyone’s feet and legs are still hurting.  It is when these plans change that you decide to have a morning in the resort room to just rest.

We didn’t have any reservations until 6pm so we took the morning off, had lunch here on resort property, and then headed to Downtown for a little retail therapy and dinner.

After dinner we visited a few more stores and then we came back to the resort.  Tomorrow morning we are up bright and early.  5/5:30am early.  I know, crazy!  I can’t believe it either.  At 6:30am Bell Services will be coming for us and our luggage.  We will then head over to check out, board our bus that will take us to the airport, and go from there.

It’s hard to believe that we are already at the end of our vacation.  It has been such a wonderful time.  We are, however, very ready to be able to sit for a bit and sleep in our own beds.  The girls are ready to see their friends and get back to a normal routine.  Andy is off of work on Monday to have one extra day to recover and the girls will be off because of appointments.  Tuesday, though, will be back to work and school.  And I will be back to my norm and trying to get the girls all caught up on school work.  I can’t even fathom how much Cassie will have to make up.  The girlies will have missed a total of 8 days.  Pray for me.


I know that I said I’d tell you about our fun that we had yesterday at Magic Kingdom, but I really need to get some rest.  I’ll work on it when I get back home tomorrow afternoon.  🙂

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