Side Story from Disney World

This story has been on my mind since it happened in Florida and I’ve been wanting to share it.

During our time in Magic Kingdom, Kalli said she wanted to ride “Prince Charming’s Carousel’ and Cassie was all for it.  While waiting for our turn I mention to Andy that I don’t know if I’ll be able to get Cassie up on a horse.  Meaning that I can’t do it by myself.  (Due to motion sickness, Andy can’t ride on carousels)  It is this point Cassie starts going back and forth with if she wants to even ride at all.  I tell her that of course she does because I know that she really does.

When it is our turn I give Cassie the option of riding on a horse or in the sleigh-like seat thing that they have.  Cassie goes for the horse, but when she can’t get her foot up on the stirrup the first time she says that she will just sit in the sleigh…and then she starts tearing up.  This is when Andy and I step in and tell her to come get on the horse.  I help get her foot into place while Andy helps her pop up onto the horse.  She smiled the entire ride.  I sat in the sleigh thinking about Cassie and how she handles things.  Knowing that she wants to do something but giving up because she thinks she can’t or that it may be to hard.

After her ride Andy and I talked to Cassie about how she can do almost anything that she wants to do.  If she wants to do something she needs to talk to us and we will work with her to find a way, if at all possible, for her to do it.  We need to teach her problem solving and more determination.

This isn’t something you are taught or told about when you are pregnant.  Being a parent can be heart breaking and painful at times.  Watching them try new things, fail at times, and sometimes fall apart and crumble…it is hard.  It’s easy to see your child succeed and do well, but seeing them struggle can be downright awful.  As I watch Cassie struggle with her limitations and finding herself, it is sometimes heart wrenching.  I realize that it is something she has to go through. I can encourage and be her cheerleader, I can be that person she can talk to, but I can’t ‘fix’ it for her.

From time to time a moment will stand out to me.  The carousel ride was one of those moments.  I want my girls to both know that they can do almost anything the put their minds to and that together we can problem solve ways to accomplish the harder stuff.

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