Life List

My life list –

This is the list of things that I’d like to do in my life.  I realize that I may not be able to do all of these in my life, but at least I have them down in print to look at and maybe push myself toward.   Of course, financing is going to be one of the big things holding me back.  Isn’t it always when you are a family of four pretty much living paycheck to paycheck.  But I digress.  Life List.  Here it is in print.

  1. Visit Arizona and see the Grand Canyon.  Take my own pictures.
  2. Visit South Dakota and see the Badlands.  Take my own pictures.
  3. While in South Dakota, see Mount Rushmore.  Take my own pictures.
  4. See Niagara Falls…from New York or Canada OR Both. Take my own pictures.
  5. Dip my toes in the Atlantic Ocean. Take my own pictures.
  6. Dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean.  Take my own pictures. (Seeing a theme here?)
  7. Dip my toes in the Gulf of Mexico. Take my own pictures.
  8. Swim with dolphins. Take my own pictures. Maybe have someone else take pictures.  {DONE 6-9-2011}
  9. See the Sequoias and…you guessed it…take my own pictures.
  10. Lose weight.  For my health, my pleasure, and to be able to enjoy doing things more.
  11. Learn to scuba dive. (maybe get an under water camera??)
  12. Take a photography class or two.
  13. Take family pictures for someone(s) a few years in a row. (And be comfortable doing it…nature can’t tell you that your pictures suck)
  14. Fly somewhere for the weekend and then come home.  Just to say that I flew somewhere for the weekend.
  15. Visit Canada. Take my own pictures.
  16. See whales surface. Take my own pictures.
  17. Become more comfortable with my diagnoses of OCD, ADD, and Bipolar Disorder.
  18. Grow a garden with LIVE plants in it that produce food.
  19. Build/have built a Lemonade Stand and sit with the kids while they sell Lemonade at least 2 times a summer. Working on this one for this summer
  20. Write a children’s book and submit it to at least 3 publishers.
  21. Go back to school and come out with a degree.
  22. Go camping for one full week.
  23. Make sure that my girls grow up to be independent women, of which, I can proudly say are ‘my girlies’.
  24. Take better care of me and allow myself time for me.
  25. Jump out of a plane (preferably with a chute attached to me…and someone to open it when I’m having an anxiety attack.  Also I’d like it to be by choice and not because the plane is coming down with me).

So this is the beginning.  I will add things as I think of more.  As you can see now, most have to do with traveling.  I really would like to do some traveling as I never really have traveled.  Nothing too extravagant, but something nonetheless.


8 Responses to Life List

  1. Sara says:

    Off to a great start Paula! I can tell you that I have done one thing on your list (# 14- NYC for my 30th b-day), would LOVE to do # 8 and #16 because I like marine mammals of all kinds , and since I love your photography I’m volunteering my family for #13 🙂

  2. Paula says:

    Sara – I think I will take you up on the photo shoots, if you are serious. We would have to decide when and where, but we can discuss those if you want to.

    • Sara says:

      Sorry I took so long to get back to you…I didn’t know you replied to my post until I checked to see if anyone else had left comments. Hmmm, Keegan will be turning one in mid-July and we were thinking of getting a family picture done then. Really, if you want to take pics of my kids just let me know when you’re free. I know you babysit, have the girls’ sports practices/games, and school is ending soon, so just drop me a line to let me know. I pretty much am off in the daytime during the week.

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  7. weekend trip to fly… KANSAS… it’s not as boring as you’d think… well….. 😉

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