My Favorite Hobby

I love taking pictures.  Of people and of nature.  I’m a complete amateur, but love it just the same.


– June 25, 2011 –

Florida pictures… More will be added as I finish them up.  To see click here.

– November 2, 2010 –

Photo Shoot with Tony

– November 1, 2010 –

Mostly Halloween pictures

– October 18, 2010 –

New Pictures

– October 16, 2010 –

I think, or I’m pretty sure that I’ve found a new home for pictures.  I was at Picasa, however I was running out of room at a rapid rate.  Now I’m over at Photobucket and I’m hoping that the space allows me to stay put for a while.  Click the link to see the new pictures.  They are of scenery and people.

Old Site Pictures
New Site Pictures

– October 4, 2010 –

Today I did a photoshoot with 2 of my nieces, Kaitlynn and Olivia.  I would have liked to do a little more, but nap time was upon us and well, little girls don’t always cooperate.

I also took a few pictures of Brady today.  I’m working on coming up with more pictures for him, but want a few more leaves to fall.  Wonder what he’ll think of leaves.

Click on any picture to see a larger version.  I will add pictures I take here regularly (I hope) but will also still post some on the homepage.  I will also let you know when I do post to this page.  I’m just nice like that.


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