Please stop licking the window…

This area will always be changing and updating as I find more material.

This is an area that I’m going to use to share things that I’ve found myself doing or saying that, if I were childless, I would have never pictured myself saying or doing.  Motherhood does some crazy things to you and I don’t think there is a mom out there that hasn’t, at one point or another, stopped and thought to herself, “what did I just say?” And I’m not just talking about uttering the words, “I’m pregnant”  I know I find myself looking around in wonder at a few of the things I say to my children…and others.

  • “Please stop liking the window…”  This was followed by “don’t lick the tv” and the always entertaining, “don’t lick your sister”.
  • Suddenly you are able to talk about poop (both of your child or others’) anywhere and anytime.  This even goes into descriptive terms that would make a childless person squirm.
  • “Stop putting your feet in your sister’s face”

2 Responses to Please stop licking the window…

  1. Aimee says:

    Oh my gosh…I’m a teacher (and a parent) and you would be amazed what kids will lick!!! I have indeed told someone not to lick the table, the floor, their shoe, another child. (Not sure about the window) What is it with these kids? Did we do this??????

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