The Players

This is a list of people that I either regularly talk about or mention from time to time in my posts.  This list will be changing and updating as I talk about new or more people.  PS.  Alphabetical order people…no favorites or my better is better then your better.

Andy – my husband, father of my children, and my soul mate.

Becky – my bestest friend, confidant, and all in all…my person.

Brady – Becky’s firstborn son, my nephew according to me, and the little man that I get to watch several times a week.  He is, at this point, 3 years old.

Cassie – my first born daughter.  She is now 12 years old.  She is strong and determined, yet sensitive and unsure.  Cassie was born with Spina Bifida (a mild case) and from time to time I will talk about her equipment that she uses…wheelchair, loftstrand crutches, and her leg braces.  She has had over 15 surgeries now.  I’m pretty hard on her when it comes to her physical abilities – pushing her to try more, work on endurance, and to never say never.  I believe it is because of this resolve that she is doing so well.  I refuse to let Cassie feel sorry for herself or to let others feel sorry for her either.  She was born this way for a reason, she has a purpose in life, and this is the way God wanted her to be.  We don’t know why she has Spina Bifida, but it is part of who she is.  Therefore, we push through the hard times, the surgeries, and we look for the positives.  Cassie is my first ever baby (as I always tell her) and without her my life wouldn’t be complete.

(the) Girls – Refers to Cassie and Kalli.

Kaitlynn – Trina and Tim’s daughter.  My little ‘Bella Bean’ and the girlie that I use to babysit a lot..  She is 4 years old.

Kalli – Kalli is my second and youngest daughter.  I call her my last-ever baby and she loves it.  She is 9 years old and is already showing OCD tendencies.  If you change more then one thing in her day without her knowing about it ahead of time she loses it.  There are tears and she isn’t sure what to do next.  Kalli is very imaginative and from time to time lives in her own world with her pretend friends and animals.  She is a very by the book type of person and will often quote things such as rules.  Even with all her ‘quirks’ she is one of the sweetest, most compassionate people I know and without her my life wouldn’t be whole.

Kelli – Kelli is my sister-in-law and one of my friends.

Kyra – My 13 year old niece and Tim and Trina’s oldest daughter.  She is so smart, yet very sensitive.  She still will cuddle with me and gives me the best hugs.  My only problem with her is the fact that she is almost as tall as me.  Darn kids and their growing.

Jasmine (Jazzy) – Cassie’s best friend.  Jasmine is an all around good kid and I truly enjoy having her around.  She understands Cassie and doesn’t treat her any different because of her ‘disability’.

Olivia – Tim and Trina’s daughter and my littlest niece.  She is a little doll and I wish life would slow down so that I could spend a little more time seeing her and her sisters.  She is, at this point, 3 years old.

Tim – My brother-in-law and my husband’s youngest brother.  The brother-in-law that I get along with the best and the one that I love to harass the most.  Has 3 daughters: Kyra, Kaitlynn, and Olivia.

Tony – Tony is my brother and is an all around good guy.  Though he has his moments (we wouldn’t be siblings if I didn’t say that).  In all honesty though, I’m very glad that he is my brother and we’ve always been pretty close…even as kids.  My children adore him and he would be here for us if we really needed him, just as we would be for him.

Trina – My sister-in-law, Andy’s brother’s (Tim) wife.  I love Trina as she can make me smile, laugh, and talking to her is very enjoyable.  Just wish that she had more time to hang out.  She is, for all purposes, Kyra’s mom.  Also is mom to Kaitlynn and Olivia.


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